First and foremost we are educators, and we love what we do! We are constantly trying to push ourselves, our students, and conversations about education to be as socially just as possible. 

We are available for workshops, curriculum design or advisement, and more!

Workshop Possibilities*:

  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Institutional Diversity work:
    • Facilitation of conversations about social justice & support in creating conversational communities of all ages
    • Experiential learning activities tailored to institutional needs and questions
      • Some favorites :  Investigating Internalized Stereotypes, Pom Pom simulation: Experience the dynamic of different levels of wealth and power, Guided Investigations: hands-on learning for students
  • Social justice oriented community/ classroom model introduction and/or facilitation 
  • Multicultural curriculum examples and applications
  • Debates: facilitation, creation into curriculum, and more!

*And so much more depending on your needs and goals! All workshops can be scaled for any age.